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On this website you find the best Battery Saver Apps for your mobile phone or tablet. Nothing is more frustrating than a draining battery. Who does not recognize the situation in which you are on the go and your batterie dies? You can’t contact your friend, family and colleagues anymore which leads to ambiguities and problems. These days, smartphones have the nicest features, the best camera’s, the most intelligent apps, but the battery life is in many cases still a big problem. Most mobile phone batteries don’t even last for a single day. Is there nothing that we can do about it? Of course, you can change the settings of your smartphone in order to save the battery life of your smartphone. You can enable flight mode, you can turn off location settings and you can adjust the screen brightness. For more information see Battery Saver Tips.

There are also a lot of mobile battery saver apps for smartphones and tablets. There are special battery boosters for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and even for older operating systems like Symbian. When you open for example the Google Play Store you will find a lot of these apps that all claim to be the best battery optimizer and the best battery saver in the market. Some are free, some are paid. But how do you know which Battery Saver to pick? On this website you can find any Battery Saver App. We’ll discuss the pro’s and con’s of every battery booster app and discuss the risks of such apps.

Battery Saver Apps for Android

When you open the Play Store and search for “battery saver”, you will find lots of apps that claim that they will improve your battery life. We have collected the best Battery Saver Apps for Android. According to Android users and tech blogs, the best Saver Apps are currently Apps like Battery Doctor, DU Battery Saver, Easy Battery Saver, Go Battery Saver and NQ Easy Battery Saver. Every App has it’s own unique feature. But most Apps are able to effectively manage and optimize your  smartphone by clearing your inactive background apps and network connections like WiFi. On this website you can find a more detailed review of each app so you can decide what App to use.

Battery Saver Apps for iPhone

You want to improve the Battery life of your iPhone? First, there are quite some tips to extend your battery life. Check Battery Saving Tips for iPhone for more information. But does your battery still drains fast? We have collected the best Battery Saver Apps for Iphone. On this website, you can read more information about these Apps and you can read how to download these Apps. Popular Battery Saving Apps for iPhone are Battery Doctor, Battery Life Pro, Battery Manager and System Status lite. These Apps can adjust settings to increase battery life, and give you more insight in what options cost a lot of your battery life.

Battery Saver Apps for Windows Phone

Like for Android and iPhone, there are also a bunch of Battery Saver Apps for Windows Phone available. Although this operating system is less popular than Android and iPhone, developers are working hard on Apps that increase the battery life of your Windows Phone smartphone or tablet. The App called “Battery Saver” is currently a popular application. This App has basically two main features. First, it enables the built-in battery saving options of Microsoft itself. Second, it gives you insight in which apps are asking a lot of your battery. Based on these insight you can increase the battery life. The downside of such apps is that you are not able to use the full potential of your Windows Phone device. It is a matter of trying different Apps and see what Battery Saver App fits your needs.

Battery Saver Apps for Blackberry

Unlike Android, Iphone and Windows Phone, there are just a few Battery Booster or Battery Optimizer Apps available for Blackberry. A popular App that increases the battery life of your Blackberry is “Battery Saver Free Battery Doctor”. This App is able to saves battery and is able to optimize the battery usage for peak performance. This App is also able to give voice alerts, lets you make detailed schedules, automatically adjust the brightness of your screen, and provides nice graphs. For more apps, reviews and downloads please visit Battery Saver Apps for Blackberry.


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There are a bunch of Battery Saver, Battery optimizer and Battery Booster apps for Android. Try to search in the Google Play Store and...